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"Satisfied or Refunded" Guarantee

By making your purchases on  www.LeMaleAime.com   , you benefit from the  money-back guarantee , in fact you have a  period of 7 days  upon receipt of your delivery to request an exchange or a refund for the item that does not not give you complete satisfaction by contacting the concerned department ESPINHEIRO SASU at the following address:  contact@lemaleaime.com

Only returned items will be taken back under the following conditions: 
- Do not return an item for a return or an exchange without having notified our after-sales service, which will send you in return a reference of our agreement for the return of the item concerned. 
- The item must be returned in good condition, complete, unworn in its original packaging intact and undamaged. 
- For obvious reasons of hygiene,  strings, briefs, jockstraps and accessories will not be taken back or exchanged . 
- The risks associated with the return of the item remain the responsibility of the sender. 
-  Return costs are not covered by ESPINHEIRO SASU.

In the event of an exchange of an article not attributable to ESPINHEIRO SASU, the customer must attach a bank check to the order of ESPINHEIRO SASU on his return for a lump sum of 5 €uros for the costs of reshipping the new article chosen. 

In the event of a request for reimbursement of the returned item, ESPINHEIRO SASU undertakes to reimburse you the amount of the item upon receipt of your package and the observation of the good condition of the item concerned.  The original shipping cost of the order is not refunded and will be applied to any refund requested. This rule also applies to orders for which shipping costs have been offered by referring to our current shipping costs grid . (see article 7 of our general conditions of sale)

REMINDER:  Never return an item  for reimbursement or exchange  without having received the prior agreement of our after-sales service  and do not forget to  attach the delivery note of the initial order  to your return  .

Payment Methods: Pay online without any fear and in complete peace of mind


The  credit cards accepted  are: 

French bank cards bearing the initials CB or international credit cards bearing the initials VISA, and MasterCard.

LMA France has given priority to your security for payments by credit card on our website  www.LeMaleAime.com   .

We are committed to ensuring the security of personal data through strict procedures.

You will see for yourself the security of your transaction, indeed when you arrive in part of the site which is secured by 128-bit SLL technology, you can check it very easily thanks to your browser which will display in the lower left corner   a  closed padlock (Internet Explorer)  or a  key (Netscape Navigator).

Another indication: the URL of these pages must begin with  HTTPS:// (the S being for Secured-Sécurisé)

At no time,  www.LeMaleAimé.com  has knowledge of your banking information for online payment.

When you pay for a purchase on the  www.LeMaleAime.com website   by credit card, you are asked to indicate your card number as well as the expiry date. This information is then encrypted using the  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) process.

The Secure Socket Layer process guarantees the security of this exchange between your computer and our server, and prevents interception by a third party. The 128-bit SSL system guarantees you a high level of protection, this encryption is one of the strongest authorized to date.

Description of your steps when paying by credit card for your order:

1 . When requesting payment by credit card, you will switch from the  www.LeMaleAime.com server   to the payment server in connection with the banking world. You will therefore arrive on an  SSL encrypted payment page  as described above. 

2 . The home page of the secure payment server informs you of the amount of your purchase. After having entered your number and the expiry date of your bank card, the encrypted transfer to the payment server is carried out in such a way that it cannot be intercepted in clear text by a third party. 

3 . When your credit card details have passed our levels of control (Luhn key, opposition, etc.), the bank authorization center returns an authorization number or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, the secure payment server allows you to enter your email address to receive the payment receipt by email (this is not the order form). 
We remind you that your credit card details are never returned to us. 

5 . You will then be automatically redirected to the  www.LeMaleAime.com website   . (the SSL connection ends and you switch to a classic server) where your order summary will be displayed and sent to you by e-mail. 

6. Thank you for trusting us and our team takes care of the preparation of your order so that it reaches you as soon as possible.

In summary:  Paying by credit card on a site secured by SSL offers the same level of security as any other transaction carried out by credit card in most everyday businesses.


- By  bank or postal check payable to ESPINHEIRO SASU  to be attached to your order by post.

- By  money order  by contacting the post office closest to you.

- By  bank transfer , we will send you our bank details for this type of payment. 

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